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The Future of Food from the Sea

The United Nations High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (HLP) commissioned HLP Expert Group, a global group of over 70 content experts, to organize and edit a series of “Blue Papers” to explore pressing challenges at the nexus of the ocean and the economy. The HLP identified 16 specific topics for which it sought a synthesis of knowledge and opportunities for action. In response, 16 teams of global content experts were established. Each resulting Blue Paper was independently peer-reviewed and revised accordingly. The final Blue Papers summarize the latest science and state-of-the-art thinking on how technology, policy, governance and finance can be applied to help accelerate a more sustainable and prosperous relationship with the ocean, one that balances production with protection to achieve prosperity for all, while mitigating climate change.

Each Blue Paper offers a robust scientific basis for the work of the HLP. Together they will form the basis for an integrated report to be delivered to the HLP. In turn, the HLP intends to produce a set of politically endorsed recommendations for action in 2020.

The first Blue Paper examines how we feed a growing global population in a way that is nutritious, sustainable and economically viable. This Blue Paper confirms the importance of ocean food production systems in global future food and nutritional security. It offers a dual message of urgency and hope. Through smarter management of wild fisheries and the sustainable development of marine aquaculture (mariculture), the ocean could supply over six times more food than it does today, while helping restore the health of ocean ecosystems. This is a remarkable finding that should spur responsive action from governments, financial institutions and business.

Looking to the ocean as a source of protein produced using low-carbon methodologies will be critical for food security, nutrition and economic stability, especially in coastal countries where hunger and malnutrition are a challenge. Yet these advances in ocean production can only be achieved with a concurrent focus on addressing threats to ocean health, such as climate change and overfishing.

Co-chairs of HLP Expert Group:
Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D.
Peter Haugan, Ph.D.
Mari Elka Pangestu, Ph.D.

Access First Blue Paper by clicking here.


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