Since it was launched in the early 1980's, the Renewable Resources Journal has featured information of general interest concerning public policy issues. Many issues can be downloaded at no cost (see links below). Contact RNRF’s offices by email or telephone if you seek issues that are not available as a download.



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Volume 35 Number 2
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Where Does Plastic Accumulate in the Ocean and What Does That Mean for the Future?
Hannah RItchie

Managing Climate Risk in the U.S. Financial System
U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

We Are Losing "The Little Things That Run the World" – Insects
United Nations Environment Programme

Volume 35 Number 1
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Report of RNRF Conference on Science's Journey 2021
Summary of Presentations
Science's Essential Role in Our Democracy
The Scientific Community's Role in Presidential Transitions
Scientific Priorities Moving Forward



Volume 34 Number 4
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Youth Mobilization to Stop Climate Change: Narratives and Impact
Heejin Han and Sang Wuk Ahn

How Development of America's Water Infrastructure Has Lurched Through History
David Sedlak

Vertebrates on the Brink as Indicators of Biological Annihilation and the Sixth Mass Extinction
Gerardo Ceballos, Paul R. Ehrlich, and Peter H. Raven

Lessons Learned from U.S. Cities' Climate Adaptation Implementation Methods
Lykke Leonardsen

Volume 34 Number 3
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PFAS in Drinking Water: A Persistent International Health Threat
RNRF Special Report on Report by The Natural Resources Defense Council

Creating a Sustainable Food Future
World Resources Institute

Managing Ocean Acidity and Hypoxia Along the Coasts
The West Coast Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel

Welcome to the Pyrocene: A fire creature remakes a fire planet
Stephen J. Pyne

Volume 34 Number 2
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Managing Plastics in a Sustainable Way – A Global Necessity
RNRF Special Report on Report by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Particulate Matter Pollution Remains a Human Health Threat
Environmental Law Institute

Volume 34 Number 1
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Report of RNRF Congress on Charting a New Course for the Mississippi River Watershed
Executive Summary
Observations and Recommendations
Summary of Presentations
The Mississippi River Watershed – As We Found It and Today
Observed and Projected Physical Climate Change
Flood Control and Risk Reduction
Floodplain Management
Analytical Tool Guides Protection & Restoration of Ecological Resources
Lessons in River Management from the European Union: Governance and Legislative Framework
Lessons in River Management from the European Union: The Dutch Perspective and the Rhine
Longstanding Impediments to Effective Management
Additional Observations



Volume 33 Number 4
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Fourth National Climate Assessment: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States
U.S. Global Change Research Program

Management of the Colorado River: Water Allocation, Drought, and the Federal Role
Pervaze A. Sheikh and Charles V. Stern

Volume 33 Number 3
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Our Fate in the Stars: How a Universe Rich in Alien Worlds Can Help Us Save Our Own
RNRF Special Report on Lecture by Adam Frank

Plastic is a Global Health Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight
David Azoulay et al.

Crisis on the High Plains: The Loss of America's Largest Aquifer – The Ogallala
Jeremy Frankel

Volume 33 Number 2
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Adapting Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Practice to a Changing Climate: Civil Engineering Sectors
American Society of Civil Engineers Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate

The Paris Agreement and Its Future
Todd Stern

Open Access at a Crossroads
David Kramer

Volume 33 Number 1
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Report of RNRF Congress on Ocean Policy
Executive Summary and Recommendations
Summary of Presentations
The U.S. and the UN Law of the Sea Convention
Ocean Acidification and Rising Ocean Temperatures
Land-Based Marine Pollution
Ocean Noise and Marine Life
Regional Coastal and Marine Spacial Planning
Offshore Wind Energy
Offshore Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation
Timeline of Deepwater Horizon Regulatory Response and Rollbacks
Deep-Sea Mineral Exploration and Exploitation


Volume 32 Number 4
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Perspective: Iowa Fails Sustainable Agriculture Test
Dennis Keeney

Environmental Impact of the Deep-Water Oil and Gas Industry
Erik E. Cordes et al.

Western States Conservation Scorecard: An Analysis of Lands and Energy Policy Across the West
Center for Western Priorities

Volume 32 Number 3
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2017 Resilient Cities Summit Report: Finance and Implementation Strategies
National League of Cities, Urban Land Institute, U.S. Green Building Council

The False Promise of Certification: Fisheries Case Study
Changing Markets Foundation

Coastal States’ Reactions to Trump Administration’s Offshore Drilling Proposal
RNRF Staff Report

Volume 32 Number 2
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Air Pollution Success Stories in the United States: The Value of Long-Term Observation
Timothy J. Sullivan et al.

Emerging Trends in Hydraulic Fracturing
Physicians for Social Responsibility and Concerned Health Professionals of New York

Should We Mine the Deep Seafloor?
Stace E. Beaulieu, T. E. Graedel, and Mark D. Hannington

Volume 32 Number 1
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Groundwater Contamination and the "Beneficial Reuse" of Coal Ash in Southeast Wisconsin
Clean Wisconsin

Managing Acoustic Habitat in U.S. Waters
U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

A 2018 Horizon Scan of Emerging Issues for Global Conservation and Biological Diversity
Cambridge Conservation Initiative


Volume 31 Number 4
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Impacts of Onshore Oil and Gas Development: Managing Societal and Environmental Risks
Center for Strategic & International Studies

Wind Turbine Interactions with Wildlife and Their Habitats: A Summary of Research Results and Priority Questions
American Wind Wildlife Institute

Buy-In for Buyouts: The Case for Managed Retreats
The Lincoln Institute

Volume 31 Number 3
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Report of RNRF Congress on Contemporary Issues in Forest and Wildland Management
Executive Summary and Recommendations
Summary of Presentations
Funding Continuity for Conservation Programs and the USDA Forest Service
Adapting Forest and Wildland Management in Response to a Changing Climate
Using Multimedia to Foster Support for Nature
Managing Ecosystems for Tomorrow with the Science that You Have Today
Reconciling Energy Development with Multiple Uses
Evolving Land-Use Planning Approaches
Reconsidering Wildland-Urban Interface Narratives

Volume 31 Number 2
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The Rising Cost of Wildfire Protection
Headwaters Economics

The U.S. Government's Federal Environmental Liability
U.S. Government Accountability Office

New Federal Toxics Laws Could Have Future Implications for States
California Legislative Analyst's Office

Volume 31 Number 1
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Withdrawal from International Agreements: Legal Framework and the Paris Agreement
Stephen P. Mulligan

Restoring and Sustaining Great Lakes Ecosystems
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative


Volume 30 Number 4
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Report of RNRF Congress on Harnessing Big Data for the Environment
Executive Summary: Observations for the Future
Summary of Presentations
The Data Revolution and What it Means for the Environment
Frontiers in Data Collection, Storage and Sharing
Frontiers in Data Analysis, Visualization, and Application
Data Needs for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Policy
Land Cover
Continuing Sequestration Under the Budget Control Act of 2011: Impacts on Science and Technology Funding
Private Sector Capabilities
Public Sector Role and Capabilities
Case Studies:
U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS)
Global Forest Watch
Vital Signs
Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON)
IBM Smarter Cities: Infrastructure (Water, Transportation, Energy)

Volume 30 Number 3
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How to Prosper in the Rare Metal Age
David S. Abraham

A Flood of Choices: Considering Privatization of Water Utilities
Daniel J. Van Abs

The Case for Cosmetic Safety Reform
Scott Faber

Implications for U.S. National Security of Anticipated Climate Change
U.S. National Intelligence Council

Volume 30 Number 2 - 2016
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An Assessment of Aquifer Water Quality
U.S. Geological Survey

Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biodiversity
Convention on Biological Diversity

Deforestation Fronts
World Wildlife Fund

Volume 30 Number 1 - 2016
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Report of RNRF Congress on Sustaining Western Water
Drought and Water Use in the Western United States: The Western Water Landscape
Legal Issues and Constraints on Western Water Resilience
Pathways to Sustaining Western Water:
Sustainable Water Use in the Arid Southwest
Sustainable Water Use in the Rocky Mountains
California: Managing Groundwater for Drought, Clean Water, Food Security and Ecosystems
Water Transfers
Land-Use Policy and Water in the West
Forested Watersheds in a Hotter, Drier West: Meeting Adaptation Challenges
Managing Western Fish, Wildlife and Plants in an Era of Changing Climate and Increasing Drought
An Approach to Scenario Planning in the Colorado River Basin: The Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study


Volume 29 Number 4 - 2015
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The Road to Paris and Beyond
Rodney Boyd and Fergus Green

What if California's Drought Continues?
Ellen Hanak, Jeffrey Mount, Caitrin Chappelle, Jay Lund, Josué Medellin-Azuara, Peter Moyle, and Nathaniel Seavy

Louis L. Bucciarelli and David E. Drew

Volume 29 Number 3 - 2015
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Lessons Learned from Germany's Energiewende
Peter Sopher

Climate Change: A Risk Assessment
Climate Change Risks to National and International Security
David King, Daniel Schrag, Zhou Dadi, Qi Ye, and Arunabha Gosh

Fracking and the Climate Debate
Michael Levi

Volume 29 Number 2 - 2015
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Sustainability in the Age of Big Data
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Decarbonizing Development: Three Steps to a Zero-Carbon Future
Marianne Fay, Stephane Hallegatte, Adrien Vogt-Schilb, Julie Rozenberg, and Ulf Narloch

Water in the West
Andrew Fahlund, Min L. Janny Choy, and Leon Szeptycki

Volume 29 Number 1 - 2015
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Report of RNRF Congress on Adapting Food Production to a Changing Climate
The Impacts of Climate Change
Economic Effects of Climate Change
Methods and Opportunities to Respond to the Challenge
Public Policies and Priorities
Climate Change and the U.S. Federal Government: The U.S. Global Change Research Program
Global Markets and Food Security
International Agricultural Programs
Appendices: The Safety of Genetically Modified Crops, Congress Registrants, Congress Program


Volume 28 Number 4 - 2015
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Energy-Water Nexus: The Energy Sector's Water Use
Nicole T. Carter

Better Growth Better Climate: The New Climate Economy Report
The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

Volume 28 Number 3 - 2014
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The Marine Mammal Protection Act at 40: Status, Recovery and Future of U.S. Marine Mammals
Joe Roman, Irit Altman, Meagan M. Dunphy-Daly, Caitlin Campbell, Michael Jasny, and Andrew J. Read

Nanomanufacturing: Emergence and Implications for U.S. Competitiveness, the Environment, and Human Health
U.S. Government Accountability Office

Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States
Risky Business Project

Volume 28 Number 2 - 2014
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Report of RNRF Congress on Coastal Resilience and Risk
Coastal Vulnerability and the Need to Act
Building Resilience
A Systems Approach
The Federal Response to Hurricane Sandy
National and Local Policy Imperatives
The Netherlands: A Model of Resilience
Risk Bias and Insurance
The Climate-Resilience Gap
Funding Resilience
The Role of the Nongovernmental Organization
Appendices: The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, Congress Registrants, Congress Program

Volume 28 Number 1 - 2014

Managing the Escalating Risks of Natural Catastrophes in the United States
Lloyd's of London

Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and Adaptation
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Geoengineering: Governance and Technology Policy
Congressional Research Service


Volume 27 Number 4 - 2013

Science in Support of the Deepwater Horizon Response
Jane Lubchenco, Marcia K. McNutt, Gabrielle Dreyfus, Steven A. Murawski, David M. Kennedy, Paul T. Anastas, Stephen Chu, and Tom Hunter

Transitioning to a Green Energy Economy
United Nations Environment Programme

Improving the Nation’s Resilience to Disasters
Susan L. Cutter and Mary Lou Zoback

Volume 27 Number 3 - 2013

Ecotones of Cooperation and Understanding
Frederick R. Steiner

New York's Prescription for Hydraulic Fracturing
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Global Risks 2013: Global Climate Change Among Top Issues
World Economic Forum

Volume 27 Number 2 - 2013
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Report of RNRF Congress on Sustaining Natural Resources and Conservation Science: What is at Stake in the Years Ahead
The Federal Deficit War - 2009 to Present
Federal Funding Trends
Funding Science at Universities
State and Regional Impacts
Where Do We Go From Here?
Appendices: The Current Fiscal Climate, America's Historic Role in Conservation, Polls Show Public Support, Delegates, Congress Program

Volume 27 Number 1 - 2011

Implementing Geological Carbon Capture and Storage: Assessing the Challenges
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

States Assume Energy Policy Leadership
Don C. Smith

Open-Ocean Aquaculture in the U.S.
Ocean Conservancy


Volume 26 Number 4 - 2010

Rationale for a New U.S. Technology Assessment Capability
Richard Sclove

The Michigan Water Withdrawal Assessment Process: Science and Collaboration in Sustaining Renewable Natural Resources
Frank Ruswick, Jon Allan, David Hamilton, Paul Seelbach

Eutrophication: Sources and Drivers of Nutrient Pollution
Mindy Selman, Suzie Greenhalgh

Volume 26 Number 3 - 2010

Preparing for Rising Water Along Our Coastlines
Bruce Babbitt

Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America
Pew Commission on  Industrial Farm Animal Production

Global Forests Resource Assessment 2010: Key Findings
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Volume 26 Number 2 - 2010
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Report of RNRF Congress on Assessing America's Renewable Energy Future
Executive Summary
Factors Contributing to Renewable Energy Adoption in the U.S.
Electricity Generation and Transmission--The Grid
Renewable Energy Alternatives

Volume 26 Number 1 - 2010

Human Population Grows Up
Joel E. Cohen

Ocean Acidification
Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High Carbon Dioxide World

Coastal Sensitivity to Sea-Leval Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region
James G. Titus, K. Eric Anderson, Donald R. Cahoon, Dean B. Gesch, Stephen K. Gill, Benjamin T. Gutierrez, E. Robert Thieler, S. Jeffress Williams


Volume 25 Number 4 - 2009

Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
Lynne Zeitlin Hale, Imèn Meliane, Sarah Davidson, Trevor Sandwith, Mike Beck, Jonathan Hoekstra, Mark Spalding, Steven Murawski, Ned Cyr, Kenric Osgood, Marea Hatziolos, Pieter Van Eijk, Nicholas Davidson, William Eichbaum, Carlos Dreus, David Obura, Jerker Tamelander, Dorothée Herr, Caleb McClennen, Paul Marshall

Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change
Reid Ewing, Keith Bartholomew, Steve Winkelman, Jerry Walters, Don Chen

Green Building Impact Report 2008
Rob Watson

Volume 25 Number 3 - 2009

The National Interest and the Law of the Sea
Scott Borgerson

The Sustainable Sites Initiative: Snapshot of a Work in Progress
Roberta R. Conlan

The Human Species and Environment: More Than a Beast, But Less Than an Angel
William H. Schlesinger

Learning from Europe: Designing Cap-and-Trade Programs that Work
Benjamin Goldstein

Volume 25 Number 2 - 2008

Preparing for the Post-Industrial Age
John Cairns Jr.

The U.S. Economic Impacts of Climate Change and the Costs of Inaction
Matthias Ruth, Dana Coelho, Daria Karetnikov

2007 Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
Albert Gore

Volume 25 Number 1 - 2007

Sustainability: The Ultimate Liberal Art
Frank H.T. Rhodes

Sustaining America's Fisheries and Fishing Communities—
An Evaluation of Incentive-Based Management
Environmental Defense

European Chemical Policy and the United States: The Impacts of REACH
Frank Ackerman, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Rachel Massey


Volume 24 Number 4 - Winter 2006-2007

Environmental Quality Requires Congress to Make the Hard Choices
David Schoenbrod

The Earth Needs a U.N. Environment Organization
Jacques Chirac

Livestock's Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options
H. Steinfeld, P. Gerber, T. Wassenaar, V. Castel, M. Rosales, C. de Haan

Global Water Challenges and U.S. Foreign Policy: Taking Stock
Laura Keating

Volume 24 Number 3 - Autumn 2006

Urban Forestry in North America
E. Gregory McPherson

Axioms of Ecological Policy
Robert T. Lackey

Grand Challenges for Disaster Reduction
National Science and Technology Council,
Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction

Volume 24 Number 2 - Summer 2006

Building for Life: Designing and Understanding the Human-Nature Connection
Stephen R. Kellert

Basic Choices and Constraints on Long-Term Energy Supplies
Paul B. Weisz

Science and Technology Advice for Congress: Past, Present and Future
Jon M. Peha

Volume 24 Number 1 - Spring 2006
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Environmental Impacts of Emerging Contaminants
Report of RNRF Congress on Assessing and Mitigating Environmental Impacts of Emerging Contaminants
Executive Summary
Assessing and Mitigating Environmental Impacts of Emerging Contaminants
Improving Understanding and Regulation: Findings and Recommendations
Appendicies: Delegates; Congress Program; Background Materials Bibliography


Volume 23 Number 4 - Winter 2005

"Emerging" Chemicals as Pollutants in the Environment: a 21st Century Perspective
Christian G. Daughton

Volume 23 Number 3 - Autumn 2005

The Vital Importance of the Endangered Species Act
Jamie Rappaport Clark

UNESCO at 60
Sidney Passman

Environment on the Edge
Sir Crispin Tickell

Joint Science Academies' Statement:
Global Response to Climate Change

Volume 23 Number 2 - Summer 2005

Emerging Threats to Drinking Water Quality
Tamim Younos

Sustainability: Can Science Get Us There?
Donald Kennedy

Resolving Natural Resource Disputes: A Historical, Analytical, and Prescriptive Framework
Matthew McKinney and Will Harmon

Volume 23 Number 1 - Spring 2005
Click here to download.

Congress on Building Capacity for Coastal Solutions
Executive Summary
Understanding Ocean and Coastal Problems
Complexities in Coastal and Ocean Governance
Building Solutions: Information Technology and Science Capacity
Mobilizing and Empowering Communities
Case Study: The Gulf of Maine
Next Steps
Appendicies: Delegates; Conference Program; Background Materials Bibliography


Volume 22 Number 4 - Winter 2004-2005

Nanotechnology: Small Matter, Many Unknowns
Swiss Re

A Blueprint for Universities: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Biodiversity Challenges
Brenda C. McComb

Societal Values and the Proper Role of Restoration Ecologists
Robert T. Lackey

Volume 22 Number 3 - Autumn 2004

America and the Crisis of the Global Environment
James Gustave Speth

Mobilizing Unions for Environmental Protection
Brian K. Obach

Assessing Natural Resources: Price vs. Value
Frank Ackerman and Lisa Heinzerling

Volume 22 Number 2 - Summer 2004

Auditing Conservation in an Age of Accountability
Jon Christensen

Diversity in Forest Management: Non-Timber Forest Products and Bush Meat
James L. Chamberlain, Anthony B. Cunningham, Robert Nasi

Speaking Truth to Power
Daniel Yankelovich

Volume 22 Number 1 - Spring 2004

Funding Trends for Selected Resource Conservation Programs
Jeffrey Zinn

Implementing Civic Environmentalism: A Model
Charles H.W. Foster, Alice E. Ingerson, Anthony G. Patt, William A. Shutkin, Brian Donahue, DeWitt John, and Mark K. Landy

Scientific Integrity in Policymaking
Union of Concerned Scientists


Volume 21 Number 4 - Winter 2003-2004
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Federal Natural Resources Agencies Confront an Aging Workforce and Challenges to Their Future Roles
Report of Congress on Personnel Trends, Education Policy,and Evolving Roles of Federal and State Natural Resources Agencies
Issues and Recommendations: A Conference Summary
Emerging Demographic Trends and Responses
The Role of Government
Educational Institution Responses
Appendicies: Delegates; Conference Program; Background Materials

Volume 21 Number 3 - Autumn 2003

Environmental Policy: The Next Generation
Donald F. Kettl

A Salmon-Centric View of the 21st Century in the Western United States
Robert T. Lackey

Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble
Lester R. Brown

Volume 21 Number 2 - Summer 2003

Demography as Destiny? "Greening," "Graying" and the Human Capital Challenge Facing Environmental Management
Robert F. Durant

The State of The Nation's Ecosystems: Building an Enduring National Resource
Robin O'Malley

America's Living Oceans: Charting a Course for Sea Change
Pew Oceans Commission

Volume 21 Number 1 - Spring 2003

Fires and Forest Health: Our Future is at Stake
Dale Bosworth

Environmental History Suggests Paths to Sustainability
John R. McNeill

The Changing Face of the Natural Resource Manager in the Federal Government
Mark Rey


Volume 20 Number 4 - Winter 2002-2003
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Congress on Control of Nonpoint Source Water Pollution: Options and Opportunities
Summary of Presentations
Controlling Nonpoint Source Pollution
RNRF Congresses History & Procedures
Existing Internet Resources

Volume 20 Number 3 - Autumn 2002

Why American Agriculture is Not Sustainable
Frederick Kirschenmann

Green Infrastructure: Smart Conservation for the 21st Century
Mark A. Benedict and Edward T. McMahon

Effective Public Relations for Natural Resource Professionals
James R. Fazio

Volume 20 Number 2 - Summer 2002

Something Happened to Me on the Way to The White House
Albert Teich

The Shape of the Eco-Economy
Lester Brown

Global Environment Outlook 3: The Impact of Social, Economic and Other Factors on Environmental Developments
United Nations Environment Programme

Volume 20 Number 1 - Spring 2002

Now on Endangered List: Environmental Law Itself
J. William Futrell

Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future with Nongovernment Experts
National Intelligence Council

Globalization of Flora: Inviting Worldwide Ecosystem Disaster
Andrew B. Carey


Volume 19 Number 4 - Winter 2001-2002

Statement on Policy Principles for Renewable Natural Resources
RNRF Board of Directors

Wood Science and Technology in the Marketplace
David H. Cohen

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Indicators: Little Progress
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The National Water-Quality Assessment Program: Entering a New Decade of Investigations
Robert J Gilliom, Pixie A. Hamilton, and Timothy L. Miller

Volume 19 Number 3 - Autumn 2001

Making Ecotourism a Reality: An Integrated Approach
Taylor V. Stein

The Re-Emergence of Multidimensional People: A Consilience of the Disciplines
John Cairns, Jr.

Environmental Journalism: Where is it Today?
Karl Blankenship

Volume 19 Number 2 - Summer 2001

Salmon and the Endangered Species Act: Troublesome Questions
Robert T. Lackey

Science-Based Natural Resource Management Decisions: What Are They?
Thomas J. Mills, Thomas M. Quigley and Fred J. Everest

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity
Union of Concerned Scientists

Volume 19 Number 1 - Spring 2001
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Congress on Promoting Sustainability in the 21st Century
Working Definitions of Sustainability
U.S. Population Growth and Development Patterns
Regional Case Study: Pacific Northwest
Local Case Study: Portland, Ore.
Regional Case Study: South Florida
Regional Case Study: Southern California
Local Case Study: Santa Monica, Cal.
Evolving Role of Professionals in the 21st Century
Tools and Strategies for Sustainability


Volume 18 Number 4 - Winter 2000-2001

Exporting Destruction: Environmental and Social Consequences of Export Credit Agency Actions
Bruce Rich

Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Conterminous United States, 1986 to 1997
U.S. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service

Volume 18 Number 3 - Autumn 2000

The Role of Technology in Conservation and Sustainability
Thomas Snellgrove

Promoting Biodiversity Through Grazing
Bob Budd

Global Environment Outlook Project 2000: Overview of Report and Recommendations
United Nations Environment Programme

Volume 18 Number 2 - Summer 2000

Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management: Applications within the USDA Forest Service
David R. Darr and Mark Delfs

Sustaining Coastal and Marine Resources for Future Generations: A Status Report
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Program
Linda Garczynski

International News: Special RNRF Member Activities Survey

Volume 18 Number 1 - Spring 2000

Our Common Journey: A Transition Toward Sustainability
Board on Sustainable Development, National Research Council

Enlibra in Action: A Shared Doctrine for Resolving Environmental and Natural Resources Issues
Richard Halvey and Karen Deike

A Vote of Confidence for Conservation
Jody Garlock


Volume 17 Number 4 - Winter 1999-2000

Statement of Policy Principles for Renewable Natural Resources
RNRF Board of Directors

The Status and Trends of our Nation's Biological Resources
Michael J. Mac

Pollinator Conservation
Gabriela Chavarria

Volume 17 Number 3 - Autumn 1999

Resource Areas Considered in the National Assessment on Climate Variability and Change
Melissa Taylor

Freshwater Supplies and Population Growth: Finding Solutions
Don Hinrichsen, Bryant Robey, and Ushma D. Upadhyay

Volume 17 Number 2 - Summer 1999

Salmon Policy: Science, Society, Restoration, and Reality
Robert T. Lackey

Volume 17 Number 1 - Spring 1999

Ecological Restoration: A Major Component of Sustainable Use of the Planet
John Carins Jr.

Natural Resources Challenges for Land Grant Colleges of Agriculture in the 21st Century
Robert D. Brown


Volume 16 Number 4 - Winter 1998-1999
Click here to download.

Congress on Human Population Growth: Impacts on the Sustainability of Renewable Natural Resources
Urbanization and Settlement Patterns
Aquatic Systems
Utilization and Consumption of Resources
Synthesis: Steps Toward Stopping Population Growth and Conserving Natural Resources

Volume 16 Number 3 - Autumn 1998

Prerequisites for Future U.S. Population Policy
David Rejeski

Planning the Oregon Way: A Quarter Century of Growth Management
Carl Abbott

Total Quality Management Applied to New Jersey Shore Clean Up
Phillip M. Scanlan, Stephen Pick and Brent Ruben

Volume 16 Number 2 - Summer 1998

Consilience or Consequences: Alternative Scenarios for Societal Acceptance of Sustainability Initiatives
John Cairns Jr.

Fighting Fire with Fire: A Policy to Improve Resource Management and Reduce Risk
Malka Pattison

Uncertainties in Projections of Human-Caused Climate Change
J.D. Mahlman

Volume 16 Number 1 - Spring 1998

Ecosystem Management: Paradigms and Prattle, People and Prizes
Robert T. Lackey

Towards Sustainable Consumption
The Councils of the Royal Society of London and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

The Species Concept, Species Prioritization, and the Technical Legitimacy of the Endangered Species Act
Brian Czech and Paul R. Krausman


Volume 15 Number 4 - Winter 1997-98

Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment-Revisited
Albert A. Bartlett

Volume 15 Number 3 - Autumn 1997

Bioregionalism Revisited
Charles H.W. Foster

U.S. Population Policy-Let's Talk
John R. Bermingham

A Strategy for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Federal Geographic Data Committee
Stanley A. Morain

The Overlooked Declaration of Common Interests: Citizen Roundtables of the Seventh American Forestry Congress
Paul V. Ellefson and Gerald A. Rose

Volume 15 Number 2 - Summer 1997

Devolution of the Public's Land—Trading a Birthright for Pottage
Jack Ward Thomas

Economical With The Environment: A Question Of Values
Crispin Tickell

Sustainable Development: Converting Motherhood and Apple Pie into Substance
Jim Schwab

Volume 15 Number 1 - Spring 1997

The Curious State of Forestry in the United States
Henry H. Webster and Daniel Chappelle

Science, Policy and Acid Rain
Robert T. Lackey and Roger L. Blair

The Obsolete Paradigm of Professional Forestry
R.W. Behan

Beyond the Ark
W. William Weeks


Volume 14 Number 4 - Winter 1996-97

Changing World Attitudes on Environmental Values and Sustainability: Implications for Educational Institutions
Jonathan P. Deason

Future Directions for Sustainable Development and Resource Sustainability
Robert D. Day

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Progress in Applying GIS Technology to Resources Sustainability
John C. Schmidt

A World of Change
Norman L. Christensen, Jr. and R. David Simpson

Volume 14 Number 3 - Autumn 1996
Click here to download.

Congress on Applications of Geographic Information Systems to the Sustainability of Renewable Natural Resources
Resource Sustainability Data and Information Technology Requirements
GIS and Telecomunication Technology
Data and Data Management
Education and Awareness
Roles and Responsibilities of the Federal, State, Local Government Sectors, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Private and Academic Sectors
Case Studies, Applications and Working Models
Synthesis: GIS Technology and Sustainable Resources Management

Volume 14 Number 2 - Summer 1996

Special Report: RNRF's 1996 Leadership Summit

Accounting for Nature: A Look at Attempts to Fashion a "Green GDP"
Jason C. Rylander

Challenges to Establishing and Implementing Sound Natural Fire Policy
Brian Czech

Where Do We Grow from Here?
Parris N. Glendening

Volume 14 Number 1 - Spring 1996

Executive Summary: Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy & Program Review

National Food Production Concerns: Stable Food and Agriculture
Dennis R. Keeney

Returning Benefits From Drug Discovery to Native Communities
Katy Moran

American Diplomacy and the Global Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century
Warren M. Christopher

The Importance and Need for Interdisciplinary Research and Programs
William E. Larson


Volume 13 Number 4 - Winter 1995-96

RNRF'S Statement on Policy Principles for Renewable Natural Resources
RNRF Board of Directors

Ecosystem Management: Implications For Fisheries Management
Robert T. Lackey

Preventing The Problems Of Urban Runoff
Bruce K. Ferguson

Perspective: A Conservation Ethic For The New Millennium
Robert M. Searns

Volume 13 Number 3 - Autumn 1995

Ecosystem Management As American Law
Warren A. Flick and William E. King

Environmentalists As Quasi-Regulators
Michael McCloskey

Combining Science And Policy In Conservation Biology
Gary K. Meffe and Stephen Viederman

Scientific Basis Of Species Preservation
Gordon H. Orians

Volume 13 Number 2 - Summer 1995

Ecosystem Health, Biological Diversity, and Sustainable Development: Research That Makes A Difference
Robert T. Lackey

The Future Of National Geological Surveys: Global Challenges, Global Opportunities
Gordon P. Eaton

Land Use Changes And Timber Supply: The Lake States Solution
Henry H. Webster

Volume 13 Number 1 - Spring 1995

Shaping The Urban Environment
Debra Mitchell

Educating Natural Resource Professionals For Ecosystem Management
Larry A. Nielsen and Daniel J. Decker

The U.N. Convention On The Law Of The Sea: Protection And Preservation Of The Marine Environment
Terry D. Garcia and Jessica A. Wasserman

The Ethics Of Sustainability: An Engineering Perspective
Albert A. Grant


Volume 12 Number 4 - Winter 1994

Ecological Risk Assessment
Robert T. Lackey

Reconciling Dams And Salmon
John Prendergast

Conflict Of Values Necessitates Public Lands Research Policy
John Eichelberger and Allan Sattler

Volume 12 Number 3 - Autumn 1994

To Repair A World Gone Awry
George M. Woodwell

The Mythical Map
John E. Estes and D. Wayne Mooneyhan

Measuring Environment Equity With Geographical Information Systems
Theodore S. Glickman

Volume 12 Number 2 - Summer 1994

Agronomy And The Environment: Bridging The Gap
John Haberern

How Much Does Diversity Matter?
Yvonne Baskin

What Is The Road To Sustainability
Frank Golley, Jacques Baudry, R.J. Berry, Reinhold Bornkamm, Ken Dahlberg, Ann Marie Jansson, Jane King, John Lee, Roman Lenz, Rebecca Sharitz, and Uno Svedin

US Response To The UN Commission on Sustainable Development
Terry D'Addio

Volume 12 Number 1 - Spring 1994

Ecosystem Management: Achieving The New Land Ethic
Christopher A. Wood

Rangeland Health: New Methods To Classify, Inventory, And Monitor Rangelands
F.E. "Fee" Busby and Craig A. Cox


Volume 11 Number 4 - Winter 1993

Protecting Ground Water From Contamination by Pesticides
Robert L. Kellogg

Consistent Valuation Of Natural Resource Outputs To Advance Both Economic Development And Environmental Protection
Daniel E. Chappelle and Henry H. Webster

Wildlife Management In Parks And Suburbs: Alternatives To Sport Hunting
R. Gerald Wright

Volume 11 Number 3 - Autumn 1993

Outdoor Recreation Supply In The Maine Woods: Issues For The Future Status And Needs For The Future
Lloyd C. Irland

Making Resource Use Personal And Accountable
Peter E. Black

Profiles For Tomorrow: The Worker In Transition
Marva J. Nesbit

Volume 11 Number 2 - Summer 1993

Dispute Resolution Courses In Natural Resources Schools: Status And Needs For The Future
Matthew J. McKinney

A Dream of Sustainability
Stephen Viederman

Building A Macroscope: How Well Do Places Managed For Biodiversity Match Reality
Michael D. Jennings and Michael Scott

Volume 11 Number 1 - Spring 1993
Click here to download.

Workshop on National Parks Fire Policy: Goals, Perceptions and Reality
John C. Billing, Norah Davis, Hardin R. Glascock Jr. and Robert D. Day, Editors
Session 1: Goals of the National Parks
Overview of the Goals of the National Parks
Frederic H. Wagner
Fire Ecology and the Management of Wilderness Ecosystems
Norman Christensen
Conserving Scenery and Ecosystems: Conflicting Goals
John C. Ellsworth
Summary 1: Can Conflicting Goals Be Reconciled?
John C. Billing
Session 2: Fire Policy and Reality
An Historical Perspective on the Yellowstone Fires
William H. Romme
History of Fire Occurrence in Western America
Stephen F. Arno
The Evolution of Park Service Fire Policy
Eugene Hester
A Canadian Approach to Fire Management in National Parks
Nikita Lopoukhine
Natural Fire Management in the National Park Service After 1988
Rodney Norum
Park Goals and Current Fire Policy
Jan W. van Wagtendonk
The Status of Yellowstone's New Fire Plan
John Varley
Summary II: Linking Fire and Land Use Policy
John C. Billing
Session 3: The Public Perception of Fire Policy vs. Reality
The Public and Our Nation's Parks
Jot D. Carpenter
Managing National Parks
Joe R. McBride
Perceptions and Professionals: Coming to Grips with Both
James K. Agee
Summary III: Can Fire Policy Enhance Scenic Value and Public Perception
John C. Billing
Session 4: Where Do We Go From Here?
Working Group Reports


Volume 10 Number 4 - Winter 1992

The Road From Rio
Ambassador Robert J. Ryan Jr

The Land Aesthetic
J. Baird Callicott

Wetland Replacement: The Art and Science of Renewing Damaged Ecosystems
Timothy A. White, Charles L. Blair and Keith B. MacDonald

Volume 10 Number 3 - Autumn 1992
Click here to download.

Congress on Renewable Natural Resources: Critical Issues and Concepts for the 21st Century
1. Population, Economic Development and Geography
2. Management Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem
3. Strategies for Renewable Resources Sustainability
4. Managing Conflicts in Renewable Natural Resources Management
5. Managing Common-Property Resources
6. Climate-Induced Environmental Change: What Renewable Resource Managers and Professionals Should Be Doing

Volume 10 Number 2 - Summer 1992

The Growth of Environmental and Conservation-Related Organizations 1980-1991
John C. Hendee and Randall C. Pitstick

Pacific Salmon and the Search for Sustainability
Willa Nehlsen, James A. Lichatowich and Jack E. Williams

Volume 10 Number 1 - Spring 1992

Security, Stability, Sustainability: Conditions for Peace
Lieutenant General Henry J. Hatch

Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Development
John F. Cross

Natural Resources and Societal Prosperity:Linkages, Opportunities and Dangers
Daniel E. Chappelle and Henry H. Webster


Volume 9 Number 4 - Winter 1991

Recycling Paper: The Unresolved Issues
Henry A. Wells

Meeting the Biodiversity Challenge Through Coordinated Land-Use Planning
M. Rupert Cutler

Forest Resource Issues and Policies: A Framework for Analysis
Frederick W. Cubbage and David J. Brooks

Volume 9 Number 3 - Autumn 1991

Social Sciences and Natural Resources
Thomas J. Baerwald

States and Academia: Growing Partners in Environmental Affairs
Charles H. W. Foster

The Sustainable Biosphere Initiative: Where Do We Go From Here?
Marjorie M. Holland, Paul G. Risser and H. Ronald Pulliam

Volume 9 Number 2 - Summer 1991

Legal Milestones in Range Management
Michael Poling

The RPA: From Perspective of the Essentials of Strategic Thought
Lloyd C. Irland

Shaping Urban Ecosystems
John T. Lyle

Volume 9 Number 1 - Spring 1991

Agriculture and Water Quality: Is A Little Knowledge Good or Dangerous?
Katherine Reichelderfer

The Importance of "Small" Science
G. Brent Dalrymple

Some National and International Trends and Events Affecting Forest Resource Management in U.S. and Canada
Henry H. Webster

Debt-For-Nature Swaps: U.S. Policy Issues and Options
Katy Moran


Volume 8 Number 4 - Winter 1990

Academia's Future in the Conservation Movement
James E. Crowfoot

Shaping an Environmentally Sustainable Global Economy
Lester R. Brown

Resource Management as People Management: Anthropology and Renewable Resources
Shirley J. Fiske

Coastal and Marine Resources: A Statement of Policy by The Coastal Society

Volume 8 Number 3 - Autumn 1990

Resource Monitoring Goes Global
Hardin R. Glascock Jr.

Facing Water Constraints in the 90's and Beyond
Sandra Postel

Wilderness Management: Has IT Come of Age?
David N. Cole

Volume 8 Number 2 - Summer 1990

Religion and the Environment
Russell E. Train

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: "New Perspectives" in the Forest Service
W. Bruce Shepard

The Question of Climate as Natural Resource
William E. Easterling

Volume 8 Number 1 - Spring 1990

Environmental Advocacy in the 1990's
William K. Reilly

Is There A National Interest in Regional Economic Vitality? Forestry as a Case Study
Henry H. Webster, William E. Shands and Jan J. Hacker

Anthropology about the Future
Reed D. Riner

Forests and Natural Resource Economics and Policy Research: Strategies and Challenges for the Coming Decade
Paul V. Ellefson and H. Fred Kaiser


Volume 7 Number 4 - Winter 1989

Forestry, Society and Changing Values
John C. Hendee

Ecological Security: The International Legal Aspect
Alexander S. Timoshenko

The Future of the Resource Planning Act: Some Potentially Hopeful Directions
Henry H. Webster

The Aesthetic Benefits of Agricultural Land
Joan Nassauer

Volume 7 Number 3 - Summer 1989

Selected Presentations From RNRF's Congressional Forum on Wetlands Loss:

Status and trends of Wetlands in the Conterminous U.S.
Ralph Morganweck

Wetlands Protection: Perspective of the States and Long-term Policy Direction
Robin O'Malley

Implementation Issues for the State Wetland Conservation Legislation
David Burke

Major Implementation Issues for the Protection of Nation's Wetlands
Kevin F. Noon

Wetlands: In Conclusion
Lynn A. Greenwalt

The American Landscape into the 21st Century
Ian McHarg

Volume 7 Number 2 - Spring 1989

Sewage Treatment - Naturally
Bruce Goldstein

Landscape Architects on Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Policy
John Rodiek and Thomas Woodfin

Emerging Federal Roles in Environment and Historic Preservation: The Illinois-Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor
Teresa L. Bulman

The Great Alaskan Land Subdivision Revisited
Thomas J. Gallagher and Alan C. Epps

Volume 7 Number 1 - Winter 1989

Federal Fire Policy in National Parks
William Penn Mott Jr.

The Crush of New Earth Science Data Knocking at Our Door
Ralph Kahn and Henning Leidecker

Large-Scale Wood Energy Development in Michigan: An Assessment of Citizen Involvement
Frederick Frankena

Global Natural Resource Monitoring and Assessments - An International Conference


Volume 6 Number 4 - Autumn 1988

Greenhouse Warming Causes, Effects and Control
Norman J. Rosenberg

4th World Wilderness Congress: A Retrospective
Vance G. Martin

Professional Associations Address Resources Policy Issues: What Criteria Should Guide Issue Selection?
Paul V. Ellefson

Toward Better Landfill Management
Charles W. Pettee

Volume 6 Number 3 - Summer 1988

The Dilemma of the Golden Age
Frank Press

Urban Development in Forests:Sources of American Difficulties & Possible Approaches
Henry H. Webster

The Identity and Images of Wildlife Professionals
Tim W. Clark

The Federal Grazing Fee: A Viewpoint
Thomas M. Quigley and John A Tanaka

Volume 6 Number 2 - Spring 1988

How National Forest Planning Addresses Community Stability
Dennis Schweitzer and Christopher D. Risbrudt

How Wilderness Experience Programs Facilitate Personal Growth: A Guide to Program Leaders and Resource Managers
John C. Hendee and Michael Brown

Agency Policy and Practices: Wildlife and Fisheries Management in the USDA Forest Service
Paul Brouha

Volume 6 Number 1 - Winter 1988

Tropical Forests, Biological Diversity and Preservation: Who's on Call for Action?
Jim Talbot

Toward a Policy Paradigm of Wildlife Sciences
Tim W. Clark and Stephen R. Kellert

Greenlining: Countryside Parks Come of Age in the United States
Dierdre K. Hirner and James D. Mertes


Volume 5 Number 4 - Autumn 1987

The Issues of Animal Patenting
Mark O. Hatfield

Improving the Link Between RPA Assessment Findings and the RPA Program: View from OMB
V. Alaric Sample

Can Forest Resource Economists help Solve Societal Problems?
Henry H. Webster and Daniel E. Chappelle

State-Administered Forestry Programs: Current Status and Prospects for Expansion
Russell K. Henly and Paul V. Ellefson

Volume 5 Number 3 - Summer 1987

The Implications of Relative Sea Level Change on Coastal Decision -Making
Thomas E. Bigford

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: The Ecosystem Concept in Natural Resource Policy and Management
Tim W. Clark and Dusty Zaunbrecher

Changing Landscapes
Jon Rodiek

Volume 5 Number 2 - Spring 1987

Open Entry Fishery: Tragedy of the Commons
Carl R. Sullivan

Parks and Conservation: A Vision for the Future
Paul C. Pritchard

Public Input in Forest Resource Management
Henry H. Webster

When Does the Regulation of Private Forest Land Become Taking?
John H. Beuter

Volume 5 Number 1 - Winter 1987

The Population Crisis and Wild Nature
M. Rupert Cutler

Low Cost, Low Risk Global Energy Options
Michael Totten

The Role of User Fees in Reestablishing a Public Rangeland Coalition
Donald W. Floyd

Wildlife Research - An Endangered Species
R. Bruce Gill


Volume 4 Number 4 - Autumn 1986

Wildlife Managers and the Animal Protectionist Movement
John W. Grandy

Aerial Photography and Multisensor Imagery: Opening New Vistas on the World
Dino A. Brugioni

Case Studies in Wildlife Policy Education
Tim W. Clark

Natural Resources in Regional and State Economic Development
Henry H. Webster

Volume 4 Number 3 - Summer 1986

Thoughts on Nuclear Winter
John F. Ahearne

Conservation -The Unfinished Agenda
John F. Seiberling

Wildlife Swapping
Carrol L. Henderson

Charles H.W. Foster

International Measures for the Control of Introductions of Aquatic Organisms
R.L. Welcomme

Volume 4 Number 2 - Spring 1986

Reagan's 1987 Budget: Implications for Natural Resources
William J. Chandler, Andy Feeney and Richard Magder

Improving Communication Among Ecologists and National Decision-makers
Elliott A. Norse and Amy E. Mathews

The Last Word on Science
Bruce R. Wheaton

Volume 4 Number 1 - Winter 1986

Strengthening Understanding Across Boundaries
Henry H. Webster

Professional Excellence in Wildlife and Natural Resource Organizations
Tim W. Clark

Strategic Thinking - A Critical Gap in American Forestry Planning Management
Lloyd C. Irland

Strategic Assessments of the Nation's Estuaries: Activities of NOAA's Ocean Assessments Division
Mark E. Monaco, John Paul Tolson, Michael L. Donovan and Charles J. Klein

The AWRA Scholarly Exchange with the People's Republic of China
David H. Hickcox and Keith W. Muckleston

Science and Education and the Science of Range Management
Orville G. Bentley


Volume 3 Number 4 - Autumn 1985

Incineration at Sea - A Waste Disposal Alternative
Mark E. Monaco and Andrew Robertson

Public Perceptions of Land Acquisition
Larry L. Kruckenberg

Tearing Down Disciplinary Barriers
Juan G. Roederer

Volume 3 Number 3 - Summer 1985

Controlling Pollution for Permanent Protection: A Whole Systems Approach to Environmental Policy
Lee M. Thomas

Should We Give Ocean Incineration a Chance?
Ed Wilczynski

Toward the Managed Forest: Going Places That We've Never Been
Jack Ward Thomas

Institutions and Technology: Keys to Better Water Management
William B. Lord

Volume 3 Number 2 - Spring 1985

Rangeland Issues Before the 99th Congress
Adela Backiel

Rangelands of the World - Developing Countries
L.D. White, J.A. Tiedeman and F.E. Busby

The Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
Alan J. Krupnick

An Introduction to Native Peoples' Fisheries Issues in North America
Thomas R. Busiahn

Volume 3 Number 1 - Winter 1985

Commercial Timberland: A Moving Target
John H. Beuter

Marine Pollution Issues - A Retrospective Look at the 98th Congress
Susan Harvey

Wildlife Values: Wyoming's Approach to Landowner Compensation
Larry L. Kruckenberg

Reporting to Congress on Forest Policy: An Unfinished Agenda
Julie K. Gorte

Water Resources Management: International Challenge and Opportunities
Abel Wolman


Volume 2 Number 6 - Autumn 1984

Acid Rain and Forest Productivity
Ellis Cowling

Wilderness Designations in the 98th Congress
Ross W. Gorte

National Forests: Should They Lose Money on Timber Sales?
Steve Forrester

Protecting the Environment
A. Alan Hill

Policy and the Action Statement: 2nd Biennial Conference on the Fate of the Earth

The Coastal Commission - Where It Is Going; Where It Has Been
James Rote

Volume 2 Number 5 - Summer 1984

Remote Sensing for Natural Resources: Policy and Management Considerations
Robert N. Colwell

The Meaning of "Interdisciplinary" in the Physical and Social Worlds of Public Forestry
Dennis L. Schweitzer

Policy Education for Professional Resource Managers
Jeff Romm

Forestry Cost-Sharing: Lessons for Evaluating Public Conservation Programs
Lloyd C. Irland

A Decade of NEPA: Milestone or Millstone?
Sally Fairfax and Lloyd Burton

Volume 2 Number 4 - Spring 1984

Explaining the Changes in Resource Policy
Emery N. Castle

Significance and Implications of the Changes in Renewable Resources Policy
Henry H. Webster

Private Sector Renewable Resource Policy in the 1980's
D. Bruce Merrifield

Policy Changes - for What Public?
Hardin R. Glascock, Jr.

Land, Lots of Land
Sterling Brubaker

How is the Society of American Foresters Adapting to Changes in Resources Policy?
William E. Towell

Volume 2 Number 2 & 3 - Autumn 1983 & Winter 1984

Conservation Countdown
Leon S. Minckler

NEPA Trends and Resource Management
Thomas E. Bigford

Technology, Timber and the Future
Julie F. Gorte and W. Wendell Fletcher

Science, Risk and Public Policy
William D. Ruckelshaus

Conflict and Corporate Citizenship on the Western Resource Lands
Jack D. Kartez


Volume 1 Number 4 & Volume 2 Number 1 - Spring & Summer 1983

Highlights of the International Conference on Renewable Resources Inventories for Monitoring Changes and Trends
Excerpts from Report of Resolutions & Recommendations Committee

Impacts of Forest Land Conversion: An Overview
Ralph J. Alig

Land Systems Classification - Possible or Impossible?
J.H. Wilkstrom and Robert Bailey

Public Decisions - Making With Regard to Managing Major Natural Resources
Lester W. Milbrath

Urban Waterfronts
Ann Breen and Dick Rigby

Volume 1 Number 2 & 3 - Autumn 1982 & Winter 1983

Behind the Frustration of Interdisciplinary Planning
J.H. Wilkstrom and R.M. Alston

The Budget Maximization Hypothesis and the USDA Forest Service
Ronald N. Johnson

The Human Population Dilemma: Its Implications for Resources Professionals
Hardin R. Glascock Jr.

Evaluating the Evaluators: RCA in Retrospect
Christopher K. Leman

The Commons Reconsidered
Jere Lee Gilles and Keith Jamtgaard

Volume 1 Number 1 - Summer 1982

The Housing Recession, the Forest Products Industry, and International Markets
Roger A. Sedjo

Establishing the Location of Radio-Tagged Animals Using a Programmable Calculator
Fred W. Koontz and John Seidensticker

Influence of Merchantable Limits on Board-Foot Volume Estimates of Hardwoods
Harry V. Wiant Jr. and Philip M. Charlton

Ecological Land Classification in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
Steve Fay and William B. Leak

In-Place Inventories: Principles and Practices (A Report on the Workshop)
H. Gyde Lund, Louis O. House, Thomas B. Brann